Ivarken Reach

Ivarken Campaign - Part 1

Disclaimer: As always, these notes are taken from notes taken in game and so they are poorly edited.

The story opens in the region of Ivarken.

Baretta is an ex-soldier who came here under the leadership General Denazec Clashhammer, retired. The city of Inception She teaches one of the classes on swordsmanship at the Dawning Academic Hall. Denazec is a co-headmaster there. Inception is the newest frontier city against the wilds forests area. Inception is run by 3 major factions : jarl (yarl) Jayleh Whitecloud “coinlord” (she controls the banks) . Her twin brother Jarl Jaygen white cloud tradelord (he controls commerce and major landowner) – Timarna arcanocon the OTHER headmaster – legendary tagteam – veteran heroes of Ivarken expansion. The Dawning academic hall is the onlybuilding the whiteclouds don’t own.

Chet Mansavage (yes really), junior advisor under jarl jaygen whiteccloud . intermediary between workers and jaygen.

We are all expecting a caravan to arrive with the first years goods.

Indra works on this caravan and is working as a guard and decided to head on in hopes of joining the academy.

Moscato keeps hearing “Visit me on the way back”.

Baretta has heard that the caravan is going to be bringing people to teach at the academy.. Getting revenue for the first years work. She is waiting by the city gates.

Caravan arrives. Baretta and Chet head out to meet them. Chet arranges for items on the caravan to go where needed.

Indra heads to the inn called “Howlers” to get a room and rest.

Baretta heads back to the academy and greets the initiates and routes them appropriately.

Chet reports to Jarl who sends him to the Academy to meet.

Chet tells Baretta that the caravans have arrived. She notes that the special one has arrived Indra and Baretta meet.

Lord jjarl asks if Chet has seen the “Special carriage” (he has).

The senior instructors return and they have 3 individuals with them, who they force to the ground. Baretta and Indra walk up. Niah orders them to check out the warehouse where the individuals worked

Warehouse worker said that 4 halfings came in, sent by Chet, to check out the caravan. They left with it.

Until Moscato found them dead.

The party crashed the door down and moscato was arrested. At this point, the party got caught up in trying to figure out the murder mystery.

At that point, Chet found out that the shipment is missing. The party headed east looking for the caravan. As they moved east it was pretty much a single route to follow but Moscato kept looking off into the distance and suggesting that they head off into the path. The party was unaware that he was seeing a “light” because he was specifically told not to mention any “crazy sh!t”.

The party was attacked by Gnoll, which they quickly dealt with while Moscato ran off chasing a gem off into the woods.

When they caught up with him, he’d found a shrine of some type run by a boy. Moscato and Chet helped him with some rituals. In return, the boy gave them a place to stay at the time and some extra equipment.

They caught to the Imperial orcs who took the carriage at the side of the river and fought them and took the carriage back and return to Ivarken.



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